Monday, December 3, 2007


Thank you for visiting The Post-Folk Bjournal, which is dedicated to the promotion and analysis of all the post-folk music that's fit to print. Come back soon for more substantial content (it is likely that said content will confront the inherent problems with "anti-folk," celebrate the inherent goodness of certain post-folk purveyors, and encourage the proliferation of other such purveyors). In the meantime, go folk yourselves.


Robert said...

The Post Folk Movement seems less of a movement and more of a viscous stream of consciencious. It's heavy but it floats just above sea level, it's a Live Texas Oak yet a blade of high mountain grass. Post Folk is like a beer that just wont find the bottom of the glass.

Patrick Bourland said...

Your comments, Robert, while oddly vague yet highly literary (why choose between simile and metaphor when you can employ both?), may finally be astute.

It is our hope at the Bjournal that indeed Post-Folk will be a bottomless beer, one that might spawn alcoholic ears from Texas, where the live Oaks prosper, to a point on the globe -- say, Sydney -- that is very very far away.